With our 3D models you can: turn, zoom, change the transparency of each anatomical structure; study the tridimensional development of the anatomy and analyze the relationship between each  structures involved in the intervention; evaluate and gain awareness of anatomical variations; simulate surgical resections with cutting planes; evaluate the volume of each structure. In few words: you can study and simulate in details various surgical approaches to the anatomy of  each patient before surgery! How this service works: you send us the radiological images of your patient with a brief description of the pathology and the surgical approaches to evaluate; you receive a quotation; we generate the 3D model validated by an expert radiologist; we send you the model; we send you the model together with the software to visualize it; we provide assistance for model visualization. For more information send us an email:
We elaborate patients’ radiological images (TC, MRI, 3D  US…) and generate a 3D model of the anatomies involved in the intervention, which can be viewed on every computer.   You plan the intervention and enter the surgical room  completely aware of the patient's anatomy and of what you  are going to face!
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